OSHA Fall Protection Training Course (1 Hour)

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worker with power equipment harness

TIME TO COMPLETE: Approximately 1 hour
CONTINUING EDUCATION: 0.1 CEUs, 1 contact hours
REGULATIONS SATISFIED: Provide a greater understanding of fall hazards in construction and other tasks performed above ground, as well as more caution when performing such jobs, and better use of personal fall arrest systems. This course will meet the requirements of title 29 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Subpart M and all other applicable standards.
NOTE: If you work in California you will need the Cal/OSHA Fall Protection Course.

Max Subscription Days: 30 Days
Code: fallfed
Subjects: ENGLISH COURSES OSHA Safety Courses
Price: US $25.00

Did you know that falls remain one of the leading causes of death for construction workers accounting for 384 of the 991 construction fatalities recorded in 2016? That is why Fall Protection training is an important part of a worker’s overall safety training. Hazmat School’s OSHA Fall Protection training course is designed for workers who might be exposed to fall hazards. The program shall enable each employee to recognize the hazards of falling and shall train each employee in the procedures to be followed in order to minimize these hazards as well as go over some ladder safety techniques.


If you’ll be standing on a raised platform or surface, up on a ladder or required to wear a safety harness, fall protection training is needed before you begin working. This applies to many different occupations, including:

  • Construction contractors from residences to high-rises
  • Shipyard workers
  • Roofing installers, window cleaners and various remodeling professionals
  • Manufacturing plant workers
  • Utility workers, particularly those in cranes


Elevated structures and slip and fall hazards are found in many workplaces, from roofs to staircases, dock boards to scaffolds and typical holes and open platforms. The minimum height for training varies by industry. For many locations where serious injury or death from falls can occur, OSHA requires workers to undergo fall protection training and recognize the dangers and required safety measures.

Even if workers will be less than 4 feet above the ground, there must be safety measures on platforms and walkways around open machinery, including conveyor belts and vats. It is critical that workers understand the proper use of harnesses, nets and railings and that employers include this equipment.


This online training for fall protection meets federal OSHA guidelines for general industries (29 CFR 1910), shipyard employment (29 CFR 1915), marine terminals (29 CRF 1917) and longshoring (29 CFR 1918). It also adheres to construction industry requirements under 29 CFR 1926, particularly 501-503 within Subpart M.

While there is no annual retraining requirement or specified intervals for fall protection, it’s vital for employees to take a refresher course in case of employee violations or close calls encountered on the job.


Our online fall protection course is designed to raise awareness of many hazards and countermeasures that enhance worker safety. You’ll learn information pertaining to the many structures and devices in place for fall protection, including Personal Fall Arrest Systems. You’ll also learn what informs the Fall Protection Plan within a worksite and how to evaluate conditions for potential fall hazards.

worker with power equipment harness


Upon completion of this Fall Protection Training Course, you should know:

  • Identify the levels where fall protection is required to be implemented.
  • Define the methods of controlling the hazards associated with falls in the order that they are required to be used.
  • List examples of each type of control identified.
  • Identify the three factors associated with the use of a Personal Fall Arrest System (PFAS).
  • Define the acceptable criteria for using a PFAS.
  • Identify the requirements for using a scaffold system.
  • List the elements of a Fall Protection Plan.
  • List the three types of ladders used in the workplace.
  • Identify the proper procedures for the selection and use of a portable ladder.
  • Describe the basic inspection criteria for portable ladders.
  • Describe the requirements for inspection of PFAS equipment.
  • Describe the inspection criteria for use of a scaffold.
  • Satisfied the requirements for training in elevated work in accordance with applicable OSHA regulations.


There are no prerequisites for this online course in fall protection. Students may have to complete review sections along the way and a final exam at the end of the course. You will need a computer or iPad with Internet access and an email account. No text is required; all course materials are available online. The course will take approximately 1 hour to complete.


Passing this course requires completing the multiple choice or true/false exam with a grade of 75% or better. If you do not receive a grade of at least 75% on the final quiz, you may retake the quiz up to a total of three (3) times.


The course is designed to be self-paced. You will have 30 days to complete it and can come and go as you need. After one month, you will need to re-enroll. Upon successful completion of the course you will receive a pdf certificate right away.


After completing the course, your certification for fall protection will be delivered to your email account. You may share this certificate with your employer or state regulators as needed. If you’re in a continuing education program, this class provides one contact hour or 0.1 CEUs.


When your workers complete our fall protection training course, it’s a valuable step toward limiting workplace accidents and the potential for receiving citations and fines. Hazmat School provides the proper training within a 100% online learning environment.

Our training course is guaranteed to satisfy OSHA guidelines. Students can contact experienced remote instructors 24/7 to ask questions and request assistance. You can set up a corporate account and follow the progress of multiple employees, plus receive group discounts. With our 20% discount for government workers, reaching OSHA compliance has never been more affordable.


Contact us online to learn more about our fall protection course or call 877-OSHA-NOW (674-2669) today.

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