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DURATION:Approximately 24 hours, All Online
CONTINUING EDUCATION:2.4 CEUs, 24 contact hours
RENEW:Annually with an 8-hour Refresher Course
NOTE:Any training beyond your 24-hour HAZWOPER course MUST be done hands-on. OSHA will not accept any 16-hour upgrade courses or full 40 hour HAZWOPER trainings done online. See what OSHA says here.

Code: 1082
Subjects: OSHA HAZWOPER Courses
Price: US $249

What You Get With This Course:

  • Our e-book, “Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response”
  • An OSHA 24 Hour HAZWOPER Certificate of training
  • Email consult with our EH&S professional Remote Instructors
  • Three months to finish
  • Annual OSHA HAZWOPER refresher reminders
  • Useful reference links
  • Safe, secure registration

Our Online 24 Hour HAZWOPER training certification course fulfills your requirements for certification under 29 CFR, Part 1910.120 (e), or other applicable state regulations for certification to the 24-hour Occasional Site Worker level. Receive 2.4 CEUs and an OSHA 24 Hour HAZWOPER Certificate documenting compliance with the OSHA requirement for classroom training.


This program meets the competencies outlined in the OSHA regulation. After completion, students will have a complete fundamental understanding of safety and health hazards pertaining to hazardous waste. This includes safe work practices and procedures for hazardous waste operations. Following this 24-Hour HAZWOPER course, students should be able to:

  1. Meet the requirements for certification of 29 CFR, Part 1910.120 (e) or other applicable state regulations for certification to the 24-hour Occasional Site Worker level.
  2. Understand the various training regulations relating to hazardous materials handling and response. Know which activities can be performed at what level of certification.
  3. Demonstrate knowledge of the types of hazardous materials and the various hazards and risks associated with them.
  4. Demonstrate knowledge of the routes of entry for hazardous materials to enter the body.
  5. Demonstrate an understanding of the health effects that hazardous materials can have on the body.
  6. Demonstrate an understanding of the terminology used in describing hazardous materials including vapor density, specific gravity, miscibility/solubility, carcinogen, teratogen, mutagen, pH, PPM, TLV, IDLH, flammable/explosive range, combustible, flammable, flash point, and ignition temperature.
  7. Demonstrate an understanding of the primary identification systems including the Department of Transportation (DOT) system, National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 704 system, and Hazardous Materials Information System (HMIS).
  8. Understand the need for personal protective equipment when using hazardous materials.
  9. Identify the levels of protective clothing used in hazardous waste operations.
  10. Demonstrate an understanding of the need for respiratory equipment and of the advantages and disadvantages to the types of respiratory equipment.
  11. Review work practices that can be used to minimize the risks commonly found at waste sites.
  12. Review the safe use of engineering controls in the elimination and control of hazards.
  13. Demonstrate an understanding of the importance of decontamination and of the types of decontamination practices commonly used at waste site activities.
  14. List the hazards of confined space operations and the types of procedures to minimize them.
  15. Review activities related to containment of spills to minimize their effects on personnel and the environment.


Students will have to go through all modules in order to unlock the final exam at the end of the course. You will need a computer or iPad with Internet access and an email account. No text is required; all course materials are available online. The course will take approximately 24 hours to complete but you can come and go as you need.


Passing this course requires completing the multiple choice or true/false exam with a grade of 75% or better. If you do not receive a grade of at least 75% on the final quiz, you may retake the quiz up to a total of three (3) times.


The course is designed to be self-paced. You will have 90 days to complete it and can come and go as you need. After three months, you will need to re-enroll. Featuring interactive exercises, industry-specific examples, and audio narration, this course will help you learn everything you need to know about hazardous material management and the hazardous waste regulations that are set by OSHA and other federal safety agencies. Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a pdf certificate right away.



If your job duties require that you help with the clean-up of a hazardous waste site, chemical spill, natural disaster or even a drug lab you and your employees are required to complete OSHA HAZWOPER training, pass an exam and earn a certification. You’ll need to complete an initial round of training before you can work in an environment that includes hazardous materials or waste or complete your introductory training within a set time period after you’re hired.


You don’t need to be a permanent employee of a given organization to need OSHA 24-hour HAZWOPER training to do your job. Professionals like architects, mechanical engineers and environmental engineering technicians who visit various work sites as part of their jobs may also have to undergo this kind of training to work at locations where hazmat is present.


Just like you don’t need to be a permanent employee of a business that has hazmat present to need HAZWOPER training, a given jobsite also doesn’t need to have a permanent supply of hazardous waste or materials on hand for this sort of training to be necessary. Even if you only work or come into contact with hazardous waste and materials occasionally, you’re still required to complete our OSHA 24-hour HAZWOPER course for site workers.

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, this course is the right course for you. Our online OSHA 24-Hour HAZWOPER course fulfills the training requirements for certification under 29 CFR, Part 1910.120 (e) as an Occasional Site Worker. OSHA HAZWOPER 24-Hour training and certification is needed if you work in any of the following capacities:

  • Someone who works at a hazardous waste clean up site on an occasional basis like an engineer, project manager, or a surveyor
  • Someone who regularly works with, or cleans up hazardous materials or wastes with exposures within “permissible” levels and that do not require the use of respiratory protection

“The text was easy to read and understand. I really liked the interaction with the instructor via email.

I also liked the idea that I could take my time and spread out my hours spent over many days if needed.” – Sebastopol, CA

Further, if you regularly work with hazardous materials in almost any capacity and have never been exposed to HAZWOPER training or learned about OSHA standards, the 24-Hour HAZWOPER courses provide you with all the information that you will need to work safely with these materials. We cover safety, emergency response, and regulatory compliance information to give students the tools they need to competently assess, manage, and solve real life situations. Many organizations mandate HAZWOPER training for employees whose job requirements involve the handling, storage, transportation, or use of hazardous materials and wastes. Simply put, if you work with hazardous substances in the workplace, you will benefit from this program.

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If you’ve never worked in a place where hazmat was a concern, you might be unfamiliar with the many industries that require employers and employees to complete OSHA 24-hour HAZWOPER courses and earn a certification. Being familiar with these industries is important because that knowledge may help you launch or transition into a new career. If you do choose to seek a job with a company that either responds to chemical spills, performs clean-up operations at a Superfund site or drug labs or are helping with the clean-up from a natural disaster you can get the necessary training by signing up for 24-hour HAZWOPER training online at Hazmat School.

Whether you want to break into an industry that deals with hazardous materials or you already work in such an industry, at least on occasion, you needn’t look beyond Hazmat School to find site worker HAZWOPER 24-hour online courses. This course covers all the information you’ll need to know to satisfy OSHA’s mandated training requirements.

Our OSHA 24-hour HAZWOPER training is available to individuals and groups. If you’re a government employee or you establish a corporate or group account, you may be eligible for a discount of up to 20 percent. While our prices are already more than competitive, saving 20 percent per course can add up quickly if you have a large group of enrollees.

To learn more about our affordable training courses or to see if you qualify for a discount, contact Hazmat School.

WHY CHOOSE HAZMAT SCHOOL?hazwoper training books

If you work in an environment where hazardous materials are present and require fast and thorough hazmat certification, we have the right courses for you. All of our courses provide training that fully satisfies OSHA, DOT, and EPA requirements. You will graduate with the confidence and skills you need to avoid fines, citations, and workplace injuries. Serving more than 20,000 students every year, our friendly, professional instructors go above and beyond to ensure each student receives an amazing and memorable learning experience on the road to certification and workplace safety.

Hazmat School’s online training solutions are designed to build a comprehensive safety culture and meet your organization’s compliance goals at the best value for your money. To enroll in your next course, give us a call at 877-OSHA-NOW (674-2669). We are also available to answer any questions or comments. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Who needs HAZWOPER training?

1. Personnel who work at “uncontrolled hazardous waste sites” (29 CFR 1910.120 paragraph (e). This includes any employees who may be exposed to hazardous substances health hazards, or safety hazards during cleanup activities—including those with non-cleanup duties, like utility workers.

Common job responsibilities that require HAZWOPER training include assessing the site, operating equipment on site, excavating drums and other containers, monitoring hazardous substances, taking environmental samples, handling drums of hazardous waste, supervising personnel, and more.

2. Facility emergency response personnel (29 CFR 1910.120 paragraph (q)(6).  HAZWOPER “emergency response” covers activities like sounding alarms, covering drains and vents, actively approaching the area of a release to plug, patch, or otherwise stop it, and overseeing the facility’s response to emergency releases.

3. Personnel who work at hazardous waste Treatment, Storage, and Disposal Facilities (TSDFs) (29 CFR 1910.120, paragraph (p).

Can I take the full 40-hour online?

No! It is OSHA’s policy that use of computer-based training by itself would not be sufficient to meet the intent of the standard’s various training requirements. There are two primary considerations for you to explore before deciding whether to take an on-line HAZWOPER course.

  • For HAZWOPER training, it is essential that the trainees have hands-on experience and exercises to provide an opportunity to become familiar with equipment and safe practices in a non-hazardous setting. The purpose of hands-on training (e.g., donning and doffing of protective equipment, using air monitoring equipment) is two-fold: first, to ensure that workers have an opportunity to learn by practical experience and second, to assess whether workers have mastered the necessary skills. You need to know how this hands-on training will be provided.
  • Also, in an effective training program, it is critical that trainees have the opportunity to ask questions where material is unfamiliar to them. In a computer-based training program, this requirement may be accomplished through the provision of access to a telephone hotline or an e-mail contact at the time the training is being conducted so that trainees will have direct access to a qualified trainer at the time their questions are raised.

We offer the 24-hour online HAZWOPER course ($249) then you can sign-up for our 16-hour Crossover module ($250) here at our training facility in San Ramon, CA to receive your 40-hour HAZWOPER certification. If you are not local, you can take the 16-hour upgrade class somewhere in your area and they can issue you a 40-hour HAZWOPER certificate.

I let my HAZWOPER certification lapse. What do I do now?

Employees should stay up-to-date in the refresher training, although OSHA does understand that courses may be missed because of unavoidable circumstances. If you have missed a refresher training course, you should take the refresher as soon as you can. If a substantial amount of time has passed since your initial or refresher training (3-5 years), then repeating the initial training may be necessary. The time frame within which it would be necessary to provide extensive retraining must be determined on a case-by-case basis. Ultimately, employees must be trained sufficiently to allow them to perform their expected job duties in a safe and healthful manner.

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