On March 31, 2021, President Biden introduced the American Jobs Plan. As part of the Biden infrastructure plan, approximately 1% of the country’s annual Gross Domestic Product will be used on infrastructure, small business, workforce training, manufacturing R&D and training over the next eight years.

Biden’s plan is expected to cost $2 trillion over the next 10 years, and it will likely spend $1.3 trillion of that on construction and infrastructure in some capacity. This amount will likely include, among other things, about $100 billion for broadband infrastructure, $621 billion for surface transportation infrastructure and an estimated $213 billion for building projects related to homes, schools, commercial properties and other buildings.

What Are the Goals of Biden’s Infrastructure Plan?

Biden’s plan aims to create jobs, stimulate the economy and support underfunded communities. Supporters of this strategy also hope the project will improve infrastructure, transport, schools and access to water, internet and other necessities. The plan’s focus is on renewable energy, so there is also a goal to improve the environment. One of the stated objectives is to achieve 100% coverage of broadband internet for the United States.

How Will This Plan Impact the Construction Industry?


The USA construction industry will be directly impacted by the American Jobs Plan. Many of the initiative’s goals and projects focus on building, repairing or working on infrastructure. This plan hopes to address affordable housing by building and retrofitting over 2 million commercial buildings and homes.

The construction industry will also be involved in the plan’s efforts to modernize and upgrade schools, Veterans Affairs (VA) hospitals, federal buildings and learning facilities. About $100 billion will be earmarked for building and upgrading public schools, and an additional $12 billion will go to community college upgrades. Additionally, $25 billion will go toward updating child care facilities and building child care spaces in workplaces.

The Biden plan is major construction industry news. This is because of the projected amount of money, renewed need for construction professionals and additional infrastructure projects that will be arriving in the next 10 years. The plan will spend an estimated $16 billion to stop up unused mines and oil and gas wells. Some of the money will also restore old mines.

An additional $5 billion will redevelop Brownfield and Superfund sites, and $45 billion is earmarked for Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) grants to remove all service lines and pipes with lead.

Through direct funding, tax credits, grants and related projects, the American Jobs Plan introduced by President Biden will impact the construction industry by creating numerous public and private projects. These construction initiatives will require infrastructure and help create improvements, retrofits and new structures.

Enter the Construction Industry With Help From Hazmat School

A new generation of construction professionals will be needed in the next eight or 10 years to make these ambitious projects a reality. Construction compliance will be more important than ever before. Fortunately for aspiring construction workers, the Hazmat School offers classes, training and OSHA, DOT, RCRA and Title 22 training certificates. If you are interested in the construction industry’s future, contact the Hazmat School to find out more about our classes.

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