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Truck driver safety training helps your employees get the necessary skills to operate vehicles safely, safely transport hazardous materials and assists you in meeting the industry requirements. Hazmat School offers a range of trucking safety courses and a 100% compliance guarantee. All classes run remotely 24/7 to accommodate your employees’ schedules, and registration is as simple as signing up and purchasing the course.

Truck Driving and DOT Safety Training Courses and Certifications

Truck driver safety training is vital for establishing a safe work environment for your employees and compliance with regulations. Some of the required driver safety courses we have available include:

  • Advanced Techniques Driver Safety Training: A single accident can easily cost more than $1.4 million. Having your employees complete a defensive driving course reduces risk and keeps people safer on the roads.
  • 49 CFR DOT Hazmat Training Course for Hazmat Haulers: All employees who handle or transport hazardous materials must take the United States Department of Transportation (DOT) training course. Learn general awareness, security teachings and safety procedures in this training class.
  • DOT Hazmat Employee with Packaging Course: This course’s intensive coverage of requirements for selecting packaging makes it unique and separates it from other standard DOT Hazmat courses in that it meets in-depth DOT Hazmat Shipping requirements.
  • DOT Hazmat Employee for Shipping Auto Parts: This course is specifically designed for businesses operating in the automotive industry and ensures drivers comply with all DOT Hazmat training regulations when it comes to shipping hazardous materials such as airbags, seat belt pretensioner, batteries, etc.
  • DOT/RCRA Hazardous Waste Course: If your business offers waste transportation, you must hold DOT and RCRA or Title 22 certifications. This training provides your employees with these certifications and ensures they have the necessary DOT safety compliance training for hauling waste.

Benefits of Hazmat School for the Truck Driving Industry

CDL and driver training is essential if your business operates in the truck driving industry. The benefits of our truck driving and DOT training courses online include:

  • Remote learning: Conveniently complete our courses online, remotely and at a time that suits you. We offer complete flexibility.
  • Instant certification: Your employees’ certificates are immediately available once their course is completed.
  • Competitive pricing: Our certifications offer you great value for your money. We also provide group and government employee discounts.
  • DOT and OSHA compliance: All our truck driving safety training comes with a 100% compliance guarantee.
  • Safe driving: Our safety training courses ensure your employees have the necessary skills to operate vehicles and transport goods safely.
  • Reduced liability: Decreased liability comes from ensuring employee safety. Equipping employees with necessary truck driving training reduces the risk of injury and harm.
  • Experienced instructors: Hazmat School only uses seasoned instructors, who are available to students 24/7.
  • Company accounts: Training facilitators can create corporate accounts with us. It makes enrolling easy, tracking employee progress simple and reporting a cinch. Our system also sends reminders when it’s time for certification renewal.

Choose Hazmat School for Superior Truck Driving Safety Training

Hazmat School enables you to meet your OSHA and DOT training requirements online at a time that works for your schedule. Students get helpful resources and 24/7 access to remote instructors. You’ll benefit from competitive pricing, special discounts and a 100% compliance guarantee.

Please browse our range of truck driving safety compliance courses and enroll today.

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