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Construction safety training is vital to keep you and your employees safe and in agreement with regulations. At Hazmat School, we offer construction safety courses with a 100% regulatory compliance guarantee. All construction training students have 24/7 access to qualified instructors and receive a certificate instantly upon completion of the course.

Registration for construction safety training is simple — select the course you want to complete, sign up online and purchase it.

Construction Safety Courses and Certifications

Hazmat School has various courses available to ensure you meet Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) safety requirements for construction, including:

  • Authorized User/Inspector Scaffolding Safety Training: Scaffolding accidents result in about 4,500 injuries and 60 deaths yearly. This training is designed for anyone working on and around scaffolding.
  • Forklift Training for Classes I-V and VII: This powered industrial truck training course is for all workers operating forklifts. It ensures OSHA compliance and the safe operation of all forklift classes.
  • Silica in Construction for Employers or Competent Persons Training Courses: This training provides education on every aspect of silica to ensure employees have the necessary knowledge on the dangers of silica dust inhalation while also teaching them how to work safely around it and limiting their exposure.
  • Heat Illness Prevention Training: This course ensures workers take the necessary precautions to minimize the risk of heat illness while maintaining their productivity levels.
  • OSHA Hearing ProtectionRespiratory Protection and Fall Protection: Hazmat School’s courses train construction employees on what a safe working environment should look like and how the regulations protect them when it comes to their health and safety.
  • OSHA Confined Space Safety Training: Working in confined spaces can be hazardous. This training prepares employees working in these spaces to do so safely and effectively.
  • OSHA Asbestos Awareness: Asbestos is commonly found in older buildings and can pose acute and long-term respiratory issues. This training is for awareness around asbestos for individuals who may work in or near areas containing it.

Benefits of Hazmat School for the Construction Industry

If your business is operating in the construction industry, the Hazmat School’s courses are ideal for you. Benefits of our courses include:

  • Compliance: All our construction safety certifications come with a 100% OSHA compliance guarantee.
  • Safety: Our training ensures employees have the necessary knowledge to create a safe work environment.
  • Decreased liability: Preventing liability comes down to employee safety — ensuring your employees are trained means fewer on-the-job injuries and reduced liability.
  • Convenience: All the courses are online and accessible 24/7, offering flexibility around your schedule.
  • Value for money: Our pricing is competitive, and all certifications come with group or government employee discounts.
  • Qualified instructors around the clock: Hazmat School strictly uses qualified instructors who are available to students 24/7.
  • Corporate accounts available: Training coordinators can set up company accounts to make enrollments easy and employee progress tracking simple. Each employee’s certificate is also easily accessible for reporting, and the system sends reminders when it is certificate renewal time.

Choose Hazmat School for Superior Construction Safety Certifications

Hazmat School allows you to meet your OSHA and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) training requirements online at a time that suits your schedule and workload. Students have 24-hour access to remote instructors and valuable resources. Benefit from group and government discounts and comply 100% with OSHA safety requirements for construction.

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