DOT HM-181 Hazmat Employee with Packaging (5 Hour)

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training for packaging hazmat

TIME TO COMPLETE: Approximately 5 hours
CONTINUING EDUCATION: 0.5 CEUs, 5 contact hours
REGULATIONS SATISFIED: 49 CFR, Part 172.704 (Subpart H)
REFRESH AGAIN: Every 3 years
TYPE OF TRAINING: This course is an interactive power point with audio and video. Students can come and go from the course as they need and will have 30 days to complete it.

Max Subscription Days: 30 Days
Code: 1205
Subjects: ENGLISH COURSES DOT Hazmat Courses
Price: US $109.00

DOT Hazmat Transportation Courses for Hazardous Material Packaging Employees

It’s no secret that most traditional DOT Hazmat courses cover a broad range of information that does not apply to you. But the DOT Hazmat regulation stipulates that your training programs must cover your specific types of operations. This “function-specific” training is required for everyone who ships or receives hazardous materials.

What makes this course unique and separates it from other standard DOT Hazmat courses is that it covers in-depth the requirements for selection of the packaging that should be used to satisfy DOT Hazmat Shipping requirements. You might be in one of those types of operations where more discussion on appropriate package selection and the actual packaging requirements is important to your job.

“The content of the course reflected what I need to know, not just to satisfy DOT requirements, but also what I need to work effectively as a shipper/transporter of explosives.” – Salem, OH

This course also will fulfill your tri-annual DOT refresher requirement. Upon completion you will receive 0.5 CEUs and a certificate documenting compliance with the DOT requirement.

Who Should Take This Course?training for packaging hazmat

The DOT regulations as found in 49 CFR 171-173 list an extensive number of requirements on the shipping and packaging of hazardous wastes that can be somewhat confusing. However, failure to comply could lead to some hefty fines, not to mention the endangerment of people’s lives. The United States Department of Transportation (DOT) has established a series of regulations governing training programs for what are termed Hazmat Employees. The DOT training program is sometimes referred to as HM-181 or HM-126 training. It applies to anyone who meets any of the following criteria:

  • are a person who offers a hazardous material for transportation;
  • are a person involved in the transportation of a hazardous material;
  • are a person who labels or marks packages that are being transported;
  • are a person who packages hazardous materials for shipment;
  • are a person who must select the different types of packaging that are required for the materials that you ship;

…then you need this course to guide you successfully through the seemingly never-ending list of regulations that control what you can and cannot do in regards to packaging/shipping hazardous materials.


The U.S. Department of Transportation assumed responsibility for enforcing the Hazardous Material Regulations when Congress passed the Hazardous Material Transportation Act. Any material falls under the domain of the Hazardous Material Regulations, and thus the DOT, when it meets all four of the following criteria:

  • The Secretary of Transportation has declared the material hazardous.
  • The material is transported through, from or to the U.S.
  • The material is in commerce.
  • A regulated mode or modes of transportation are employed to transport the material.

If you ship hazmat within the borders of the United States, you’ll need to earn a certification by completing DOT hazardous material packaging container training. How hazmat is packaged and the containers used to transport the materials are important factors when it comes to getting dangerous goods to their final destination safely. This makes training a requirement to ship hazardous materials anywhere in the U.S.


People who physically transport hazmat must receive the required training. Similarly, individuals who prepare hazmat for transport also need the appropriate training. If you package hazardous materials, you will need to earn an initial United States Department of Transportation packaging certification, and you’ll need to undergo further training every three years.

As an employer, it is your responsibility to ensure your employees have the necessary training. If you want to break into an industry where you will package hazmat for transport, you can make yourself more readily employable by proactively completing a DOT hazmat packaging certification course with Hazmat School.


It’s impossible to overstate the importance of DOT hazmat shipping courses for hazardous material packaging employees. When your employees have completed the necessary training and earned their certification, your business may be protected from costly fines and litigation if an incident occurs during transport or when hazardous materials are received at their destination. This type of training also has the potential to save lives and prevent injuries.


Choosing the right packing for hazardous materials is a big responsibility. While some employers take this responsibility for granted, you shouldn’t. If your employees use the wrong kind of containers for hazmat, it can have serious consequences and result in bodily injuries, property damage or even death.

To minimize the chances that any of those things could occur, you need to ensure your employees complete a domestic hazmat packaging course online with Hazmat School.

hazmat transportation


Penalties for failing to comply with DOT mandates as they relate to the packaging and transportation of dangerous goods are steep. In fact, companies can be fined $77,000 per day for every individual violation. Failure to have the right kind of training and certifications can lead to costly penalties of more than $460 per day, per violation.

Whether it can save you tens of thousands or hundreds of dollars per day, the affordable DOT hazmat packaging certification courses offered by Hazmat School are certainly worth the price. If your business is in one of the industries listed below, get the training you and your employees need at Hazmat School:

  • Trucking
  • Freight
  • Automotive
  • Appliances
  • Electronics
  • Medical supplies or waste
  • Refrigeration
  • HVAC supplies
  • Beauty

This list is far from complete. Even the packaging of everyday items like batteries requires employers and employees to have the requisite DOT training. Whether you pack and ship tons or a few pounds of hazardous materials every day, you must earn your United States Department of Transportation packaging certification to satisfy current mandates.


The structure and objectives of this online DOT Hazmat with Packaging course are centered on the requirements outlined in the DOT Hazmat regulation. Each unit is based on one or more of the following requirements. Upon completion of this program, the participants will have completed the following:

  1. Met the requirements of 49 CFR, Part 172.704 for certification in hazardous materials handling and transportation.
  2. Reviewed the requirements of the DOT regulations relative to the transportation of hazardous materials.
  3. Reviewed the basic safety elements including recognition and identification of hazardous materials as required by the DOT regulations and the Hazard Communication Standard.
  4. Reviewed the basic operations required for handling emergencies involving hazardous materials for the DOT Hazmat Employee.
  5. Demonstrated some basic functions required for a DOT Hazmat Employee including basic knowledge of the Hazardous Materials Table (49 CFR 172.101), Labels and Placards, and Shipping Papers.
  6. Reviewed the nine DOT hazard classes and associated them with the appropriate placards for use in transportation.
  7. Identified the specific type of packaging group for a particular type of shipment.
  8. Reviewed how to identify the specific types of packages that can be used with each packaging group.
  9. Reviewed the specific requirements for shipping hazardous materials including the need to consult with the manufacturer of the package type used.
  10. Demonstrated how to use the packaging identification codes.
  11. Reviewed what exceptions negate the need for these packaging requirements.
  12. Identified forbidden materials and packaging
  13. An awareness of security risks associated with hazardous materials transportation (HM-232).
  14. An awareness of methods designed to enhance transportation security.
  15. An awareness of how to recognize and respond to possible security threats.

“Being the Corp. Safety Manager, I wanted to see if this class will meet the needs of the affected persons at other facilities, and it will.” – Des Plaines, IL


Students will have to complete review sections along the way and a final exam at the end of the course. You will need a computer or iPad with Internet access and an email account. No text is required; all course materials are available online. The course will take approximately 5 hours to complete but you can come and go as you need.

GRADING POLICYdot hm-181 hazmat books

Passing this course requires completing the multiple choice or true/false exam with a grade of 75% or better. If you do not receive a grade of at least 75% on the final quiz, you may retake the quiz up to a total of three (3) times.


The course is designed to be self-paced. You will have 30 days to complete it and can come and go as you need. After one month, you will need to re-enroll. Upon successful completion of the course you will receive a pdf certificate right away.

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