Forklift/Powered Industrial Truck Safety Course for All Classes

OSHA 29 CFR 1910.178(I)

Course Details

Warehouse Worker Forklift Operator
DURATION:Approximately 4 hours
REGULATIONS MET:Federal Code of Regulations (CFR) Title 29 1910.178(I)
FORKLIFT CLASSES:Covers all classes of forklifts I through VII
CERTIFICATION:Immediately upon completion of exam

Code: FedForklift
Subjects: OSHA Courses
Price: US $69.00

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Efficiently navigating a forklift or powered industrial truck demands skill and safety awareness. Taking our Forklift/Powered Industrial Truck Safety Course for All Classes program ensures operators meet Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards and uphold workplace safety.

Who Should Take This Forklift Class?

This course is for novice and experienced forklift operators, supervisors and safety personnel. OSHA requires anyone operating a forklift to complete the necessary forklift training. Additionally, operators who took their training three years ago will need re-evaluation.

Industries Requiring Forklift Operator Training

If you’re involved in warehousing, logistics, distribution, manufacturing, construction or any industry utilizing forklifts or powered industrial trucks, this course equips you with the knowledge to operate these vehicles safely. Industries that work with forklifts will require all operators and individuals who work near forklifts to take this course.

What Requirements Does This Online Forklift Certification Course Satisfy?

This course aligns with OSHA powered industrial truck regulations, ensuring compliance with forklift safety standards.

What to Expect in This Course

Students taking this course will learn about the safe operation of and regulations around the powered industrial truck (PIT) or forklift they will be operating.

Topics Covered

This course covers essential topics, including forklift operation principles, load handling, maneuvering in tight spaces, parking procedures and preventive maintenance. All seven PIT classes are covered in this course, allowing all levels of operators to learn the necessary safety and handling requirements.

The course does not include hands-on practical training. Students will need to find a training facility or speak to their manager about receiving practical instruction.

Course Objectives

Course objectives include the following:

  • Understand and describe OSHA’s PIT training and operation regulations.
  • Identify the PIT class you will be operating.
  • List best practices for minimizing hazards during PIT operation.
  • Describe PIT limitations and components.
  • List refueling/recharging operation procedures and the personal protection equipment (PPE) needed during these processes.
  • Describe and/or demonstrate safe PIT operation, including steering, ramp use, stacking, lifting, surface and load stability verification, use near hazards and more.
  • Describe potentially hazardous conditions and hazard mitigation methods.
  • Describe and demonstrate the use of special attachments or forks.
  • Explain the PIT center of gravity and stability triangle concepts.
  • Identify vehicle capacity.
  • Explain PIT maintenance requirements.
  • Describe precautions, operating instructions and warnings for the PIT students will use.
  • Demonstrate pre-operation inspection requirements.

Course Requirements

All students need a working email and a computer or tablet with internet access to complete the course.

Grading Policy

Students will take multiple knowledge checks throughout the course and a multiple-choice final exam. A 75% or higher on the final is a passing grade. After completion, you will receive a PDF certificate to prove you passed.

Course Schedule and Deadlines

You have 60 days to complete the course at your pace. After 60 days, you will need to re-enroll to finish the course and receive forklift certification.

Why Choose Hazmat School?

Hazmat School is dedicated to providing you with accessible safety training. We offer 24/7 remote instructor assistance so you get effective support during the course. Our self-paced classes allow you to work how and when you want while receiving essential safety training. Hazmat School training lets you ensure a secure work environment and elevate your career prospects.

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Will this course certify me to start operating a PIT right away?

This online course will cover everything except the hands on portion that is required to operate a PIT. Once you have completed this course you will then need to receive practical training where you can demonstrate that you know how to drive the PIT(s) you will be using on the job. You can get the driving experience with your supervisor or at a training facility.

Is annual training required for this course?

No. OSHA requires an evaluation of each powered industrial truck operators performance every 3 years. Full refresher training is only needed if an employee has had an accident or near miss, is operating the PIT unsafely or when there are changes in the workplace or type of truck.

Who can train, evaluate and certify forklift operators?

OSHA requires that the trainers have the “knowledge, training and experience” to train operators and evaluate competence in 29 CFR 1910.178(l)(2)(i)(A).

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