List of Available Hazmat School Courses

EPA Hazardous Waste Courses (RCRA & Title 22)
EPA Hazardous Waste Courses (RCRA & Title 22)
Stay up-to-date with the latest rules for managing your site’s hazardous waste from cradle to grave under the US EPA’s RCRA and Title 22 Regulations.
OSHA First Responder Courses
OSHA First Responder Courses
OSHA First Responder Courses
Stay up-to-date on your first responder awareness and operations training. Get certified as an on-scene incident commander.
OSHA HAZWOPER Courses - Initial & Refreshers
OSHA HAZWOPER Courses - Initial & Refreshers
OSHA HAZWOPER Courses - Initial & Refreshers
OSHA HAZWOPER Training is a must for anyone exposed to hazardous substances or engage in clean up, treatment, storage and disposal of hazardous waste. Check out our 24 hour initial course or 8 hour annual refreshers now!

List of Courses for Hazmat Training

In our industry, it’s important for all Hazmat-related workers to receive proper training. Whether your current job requires mandatory training or you’re looking to add a certification to your tool belt, our list of courses for Hazmat training will have what you’re looking for. You can complete our courses online at your own pace and receive your certification immediately after receiving a passing grade.

At Hazmat School, we prioritize your learning with accessible, affordable online courses. Our emergency response and preparedness training allows you to prevent, mitigate and safely handle any incidents that come your way. Feel confident in your team with various Hazmat training courses available online to take at your pace!

We compiled our EPA hazardous waste course list, our DOT Hazmat training course list, our list of HAZWOPER refresher courses, and our OSHA safety online course list all in one place so you can make your selection easily.

Hazmat Training Courses

We offer a wide variety of Hazmat training and certification courses. Whether you are hauling or transporting hazmat by ground, packaging and shipping hazmat, working in the auto industry or shipping out automotive parts such as airbags, we will help you know what you need to know for your position. We also offer IATA international air shipment training and IMDG vessel shipper training in addition to our DOT hazmat courses.

We also offer a multimodel Hazmat shipping course for ground, air and sea. Our online DOT/IATA/IMDG course is designed for anyone working with hazardous materials who needs to comply with the 49 CFR, Part 172.704 (Subpart H), DGR 1.5, or IMDG 1.3 requirements. Our training courses will ensure you meet those regulations:

  • DOT: During DOT training, you will learn how to pack, ship and transport hazardous materials by ground, identify the hazards of the materials you are working with, know how to properly handle an emergency involving hazardous materials, fill out the proper paperwork, know the security risks associated with working with hazmat, meet the federal law requirements for your job and more.
  • IATA: This course is for those involved with shipping dangerous goods via air. You will learn about the IATA regulatory basis, the general Hazmat philosophy, limitations, packaging specifications, documentation and more.
  • IMDG: This course is designed for those who ship Hazmat by vessel and will help your packages meet international standards. You will learn how to classify dangerous goods, pack, mark and label your packages, prepare or sign dangerous goods shipping papers and more.

With our online Hazmat training, you can satisfy federal requirements and stay prepared for anything in the workplace. A Hazmat certification allows you to take action against potential damage and prevent costly incidents. This course covers everything you need to know for general awareness, security and health and safety practices.


Our list includes HAZWOPER refresher courses and initial training as well. These courses are designed to assist you in your annual training requirement for the Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER) rule. Hazmat School’s online courses will teach you how to protect yourself when exposed to hazardous waste at uncontrolled sites, EPA waste treatment centers, storage and disposal facilities and elsewhere.

In our OSHA HAZWOPER training course, you can prevent and prepare for any emergency. Our online course catalog allows employees to gain necessary certifications, all from the comfort of their homes. Whether it’s your first time or you need a HAZWOPER refresher, we offer all the training tools you’ll need to accomplish your goals. Go above and beyond emergency response guidelines with real-life skills at your fingertips!

EPA Hazardous Waste Courses

Choose our EPA hazardous waste course to keep your workplace, colleagues and planet safe from contamination. This online Hazmat training gives you the framework to handle any hazardous waste situation. Improve your security awareness and prevent potential incidents with hazardous waste identification and disposal practices.

Our RCRA or CA-specific Title 22 Hazardous Waste Generator Courses will train and certify you as a handler of hazardous waste for small and large quantities according to EPA regulations. Anyone who generates, handles, stores, treats, manages or inspects hazardous waste needs this training. In our hazardous waste course, you will learn basic toxicology, how to identify waste, how to properly store and manage waste from cradle to grave, follow all regulations and more. With a hazardous waste certification, you can ensure a safer workplace and healthier ecosystem, free from toxic materials.

First Responder Training Courses

First Responders have to prepare for anything. With proper incident command training, you can prevent casualties or damages when accidents occur. As an emergency operations expert, you can lead people through appropriate protocols to keep them safe in an incident. Take steps to protect your team with our First Responder training courses, available online now!

We offer a variety of First Responder training and certification courses. Whether you are only involved in the clean-up of small hazmat spills to large scale emergency spills or even are the On-Scene Incident Commander for an incident we will help you know what you need to know for your position. Click on each course title to learn more.

OSHA Safety Online Courses

OSHA’s safety guidelines for Hazmat workers intend to keep everyone safe from accidents in and outside of the workplace. With our online Hazmat training course, you can comply with OSHA safety standards and prevent dangerous incidents. Whether or not this is a required course for your position, having the tools to stay safe at work can be a life-saving practice.

We offer a variety of OSHA safety courses online. For instance, our on-scene incident commander course teaches you how to be an OSHA-certified First Responder Commander during hazardous material emergencies. Our other OSHA safety courses include:

  • Silica: Meet the requirements for employers, supervisors and competent persons in nearly all places of construction employment in which they may be exposed to or in charge of anyone exposed to rock, concrete, and similar dusts .
  • Asbestos: Learn how to identify and protect yourself from asbestos.
  • Confined Space Courses: Learn how to stay safe working in confined spaces.

Spanish Training Courses

We now offer our Hazmat certification training course in Spanish. Whether you’re a native speaker or not, it’s a smart idea to know all of your Hazmat terminologies in Spanish for smoother communication at work. Having clear communication in a Hazmat setting is essential. You can improve your Spanish terminology or do Hazmat safety training in your native language with our Spanish courses. This course covers the same information as our other online Hazmat training.

Why train with Hazmat School?

Hazmat School offers all of our training and certifications online so you can enhance your skills anytime, anywhere. We also provide our clients with one of the most affordable options on the market. We’re known for our excellent customer service and for providing discounts for corporate and group accounts as well as government employees.

When you sign up for Hazmat School, you’ll also reap the following benefits:

  • Meet your OSHA, DOT, and EPA training requirements with our interactive training courses
  • Students will have access to their 24/7 remote instructor to help them along the way or answer any specific questions they may have
  • Training coordinators can set up corporate accounts to make it easy to sign up and enroll multiple employees with one transaction, track employee progress, have access to employee certificates when needed, and receive reminders when employees are due to renew their certifications
  • Useful links and reference books within our courses
  • Receive group and government discounts
  • Courses are 100% guaranteed to meet your regulatory requirements


Serving more than 20,000 students every year, Hazmat School is well-equipped to train your team online. Hazmat workers can prepare themselves for every day on the job with our expert training institute. Discover what a Hazmat certification can do for you with our various online Hazmat courses. Sign up now to begin your first training!

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