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Proper RCRA training is essential — those working with hazardous waste are responsible for keeping themselves, workers and the public safe. Any hazardous waste worker must have the knowledge and training to handle these scenarios.

RCRA training courses ensure facilities comply with RCRA requirements. Training must be relevant to the employee, and the instructor must be trained in hazardous waste management techniques. After completing the initial training, managers and employees must take refresher courses.

To meet the hazardous waste RCRA training requirements, training must detail how to handle emergencies. Learners must know the procedures to monitor, inspect, replace and repair equipment and the parameters of cut-off systems. Training will detail the correct responses to explosions, fires and contamination incidents. Workers must understand alarm systems, other forms of communication and what to do when an incident requires a shutdown.

Is RCRA Training Required Annually?

Annual RCRA training is required for hazardous waste workers at LQGs and recommended for workers at SQGs. Taking our online course satisfies the annual RCRA Hazardous Waste Handler refresher training requirement.

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