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Silica training course teaches employees about the risks of exposure to crystalline silica and how to avoid them. This instruction provides the following information and more:

  • What is respirable crystalline silica?
  • What tasks might expose you to crystalline silica?
  • What are the health effects of respirating crystalline silica?
  • What is the permissible exposure limit?
  • How to protect yourself from silica exposure
  • How to identify symptoms of silica exposure

This training course provides employee education on every aspect of silica to ensure that employees have the necessary knowledge to perform construction tasks safely while limiting their exposure to this potentially dangerous substance. The course also seeks to provide medical knowledge to help employees determine whether they have experienced silica exposure in the past.


Crystalline silica awareness training is required for all types of construction industries. Since crystalline silica exposure is common across a wide range of construction environments, OSHA requires crystalline silica compliance training online or in class for every construction business in the state of California.

Due to the high risk factor associated with concentrated or prolonged exposure to crystalline silica, OSHA requires that construction businesses receive proper silica awareness training.


Silica training certifications are generally good for two to three years before the employee must take a refresher course.

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