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Fall protection training from OSHA encourages employees to plan for jobs that could lead to falls and injury. OSHA sets regulations for fall training to ensure that employees stay safe when performing work on roofs and other elevated surfaces.

Fall protection courses instruct learners on the proper equipment for preventing falls and how to use this equipment safely, including how to inspect the equipment before using it. The course also teaches participants how to avoid falling objects and other hazards from above.

Training materials cover three major fall hazards — ladders, scaffolding and roofing work. For each scenario, the training course provides instructions for inspecting tools before use, proper use at a job site and how to care for equipment to ensure it stays in serviceable condition over time. After the course, employees receive an OSHA fall protection certification.


OSHA requires that the latest training certificates be maintained by all employees on a job site. While there is no annual retraining requirement or specified intervals for fall protection instruction, it’s vital for employees to take a refresher course in case of employee violations or close calls encountered on the job. Employers must also retrain employees more often in particular circumstances, including:

  • Changes in the workplace: Workplace changes may make previous training obsolete, in which case new instruction is necessary.
  • Changes in fall prevention systems: Updates to fall prevention systems may lead to new training to ensure employees know how to use new systems safely.
  • Inadequate fall protection measures: If a particular employee fails to use fall protection systems properly, an employer must provide retraining in this scenario.
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