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Truck drivers can have lucrative careers in hauling. With the proper certifications, you can expand your opportunities and align your capabilities with in-demand jobs. Here are the certifications you need to advance and comply with regulatory requirements as a truck driver.

Requirements for Truck Drivers

The Department of Transportation (DOT) requires truck drivers to have a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) and be over 21. Additional trucker certifications can increase the amount a trucker earns per mile.

1. Double- and Triple-Trailer Vehicles

Most trucking companies leverage single-trailer vehicles. However, demand for double and triple-trailer trucks keeps growing. Holding dual and triple-trailer licenses gives drivers an edge. Becoming certified to drive haulers with more axles requires additional training at a trucking school and meeting state-level requirements.

2. Tanker Trucking

Hauling liquid materials takes advanced skills. The slightest error in loading or sealing can cost thousands of dollars. Drivers can attain other certifications to become certified tanker drivers, hauling liquids safely across the country.

3. Hazmat Trucking

Hazardous materials truck driver certifications are typically the most challenging to obtain as they are regulated at the federal level. Hazmat drivers haul different classes of hazardous materials, including oils, gasoline, batteries, airbags, flammables and corrosives.

Truckers must undergo state and federal checks to get certified. They must complete several training courses and exams to be eligible. Getting the extra training and certifications is worth it to increase drivers’ chances of charging more per mile, working better hours and taking higher-paying specialty jobs.

Benefit From Truck Driver Courses

Hazmat School offers numerous truck driving and DOT safety training courses and certifications:

  • CFR Basic DOT Hazmat Training Course for Hazmat Haulers: DOT requires all truck drivers hauling hazardous materials to receive training. This hazmat hauling course handles awareness, safety procedures and security.
  • DOT/RCRA Hazardous Waste Training: Hauling companies need Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), DOT or Title 22 certifications to transport hazardous waste. This hazmat training course gives haulers the necessary certifications to operate.
  • Defensive Driver Safety Training Course: Trucking accidents can cost millions. An advanced trucking course trains drivers to drive defensively and proactively anticipate risks.
  • DOT Hazmat Employee for Automobile Dealers and Suppliers: The automobile dealers and suppliers course trains drivers to meet DOT hazmat transportation requirements when hauling hazardous materials.
  • CFR DOT Hazmat Employee With Packaging Course: The DOT hazmat packaging course equips drivers with skills and knowledge to package and work with hazardous materials effectively and safely.

Enroll Today

At Hazmat School, we help thousands of individuals acquire the necessary training to comply with regulations and enhance workplace safety.

Browse our online trucking courses and enroll today.

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