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Many industries require workers to visit residential properties. This brings uncertainty as to what a professional might see once they arrive. There’s a good chance your employees will encounter a homeowner’s pet during their trip, as 63.8 million households in the United States have at least one pet.

Dogs are man’s best friend, but it’s worth knowing some bite-prevention tips for times when you encounter an unfamiliar dog on the job.

Importance of Dog Bite Prevention

While there are millions of friendly dogs in America, there are still 4.5 million dog bite reports in the country each year. Over 800,000 of these cases demand medical attention — meaning dog bites are a significant hazard for all age groups.

Importance of Dog Bite Prevention

Often, it is the result of irresponsible owners that contractors, delivery people and first responders are attacked by dogs.

Why Dogs Bite

The American Kennel Club states the most common reasons for dog bites relate to:

  1. Fear
  2. Startling
  3. Protecting owners
  4. Frustration
  5. Pain
  6. Playing

Best Methods for Preventing Dog Bites

Following a few guidelines will prepare you for a surprise encounter with a dog during work:

  • Refrain from running: Physical motion might send an incorrect message to a dog. Refrain from turning your back and running from a dog.
  • Use an object: Before entering an enclosed space, bring an item you can put between you and the dog in case it goes after you. This could be an umbrella, trashcan lid or a backpack.
  • Stay against a wall: Keeping your back against a wall is a good way of preventing dog bites from different angles. Slide left or right toward an unobstructed exit during an attack.
  • Let a dog know you are there: Startling a dog can cause it to react negatively. Knocking on a gate, saying hello or clapping your hands will help you see if any dogs are present.
  • Look in a different direction: Many dogs view direct eye contact as a threat.
  • Let the dog approach you: If a dog approaches you calmly, allow the dog to sniff you. Keep your hands at your side until the dog recognizes that you are a visitor and not a danger to their pack.

Register for an Occupational Dog Bite Prevention Course

Help your employees by partnering with Hazmat School for incident prevention training. We offer an affordable dog bite prevention course your staff can complete online. Register with us today or complete our contact form if you have questions.

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