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Survival training saves lives. With active shooter situations in the news around the United States, taking steps to stay ready for anything in the workplace allows you to prioritize the health and safety of employees, customers and visitors.

Protecting your business from an active shooter involves finding a flexible program that lets you learn on your own time. Here are some must-know tips for emergency shooter scenarios.

The Importance of Active Shooter Training

With more Americans losing their lives to gun-related incidents in 2021 than ever before, the value of active shooter training is indisputable. Over 48,000 people passed away that year as a result of gun murders, suicides, accidents and the response of law enforcement.

General Advice for Active Shooter Situations

There are some general tips you can remember if you ever find yourself near an active shooter. Active shooter training programs go more in-depth about prevention, preparedness and response, but if you haven’t yet finished a program, these guidelines will help you:

  1. Pay attention to your environment and identify nearby exits in your facility.
  2. Lock the door anytime you hear gunfire or something out of the ordinary.
  3. Refrain from moving between areas unless you see a clear exit path.
  4. As a last resort, see what you can do to incapacitate the shooter if you are trapped.

Protecting Your Business From an Active Shooter

A response plan is essential for protecting your workers and handling an active shooter. Your active shooter training course should address the following concepts:

  • Identifying workplace violence indicators
  • The value of situational awareness
  • Actions to prevent an active shooter from entering your facility
  • What to do when facing an active shooter
  • How to respond when law enforcement arrives
  • Developing an emergency action plan and running drills

What Are the Benefits of Employee Active Shooter Training?

Enrolling your team in active shooter training helps employees make logical decisions during a life-and-death dilemma. Making noise, running around and panicking can alert an active shooter of your location. The right training program provides you and your employees with the information needed to stay undetected and get the local authorities involved immediately.

Register With Hazmat School’s Active Shooter Training Course

Hazmat School is a leader in workplace safety training across the United States. We give you the flexibility to complete training initiatives on your own time, and we serve more than 20,000 students annually.

Work with our world-class instructors when you enroll in our one-hour active shooter training course from your remote location. Finish each step of the course via your mobile device. You can register with us today or reach out with questions.

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