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As a car service technician, you know that one of the more dangerous aspects of your job is road service. While today’s roads are better than those of the past, with safety features such as clear warning signs, it only takes one irresponsible driver to cause an accident. Knowing the potential fleet hazards and how to protect yourself from them will make the road safer for everyone.

Is Road Service Putting You at Risk?

There are many factors at play when it comes to road service hazards. Some of the most dangerous risks include:

  • Driving a loaded tow truck in heavy traffic: As a tow truck driver, you may spend many hours on the road in heavy traffic, which puts you at a greater risk of a crash.
  • Passing traffic: Vehicles in need of service may park close to a busy road. As you service the vehicle, you may need to stand in or near the road, putting you at risk.
  • Fatigue: Being continuously on call can be exhausting. Tired drivers may not have the quick reaction time needed in an emergency.

Protecting Yourself and Others

While there are many dangers associated with roadside service, approaching each job with safety and care will protect you and those around you. Here are four trucking safety tips:

  • Increase your visibility: Wherever you go, make sure to bring flares, cones and reflectors. The faster drivers can see your work area, the quicker they can move into another lane or reduce their speed. Bring reflective safety vests for you and your customers, too.
  • Enter and exit on the safest side: Many roadside service calls will limit movement on one side of the vehicle. Decide which side of the vehicle is safer to enter and exit from and use it as your main entry point during the service call.
  • Keep the customer safe: After arriving, turn on your service lights and park out of the road. If your customers are at risk in any way, have them wear safety vests or sit in the cab of your truck until you have completed service.
  • Illuminate the site: Make sure to bring lamps to illuminate your job site. The better you can see, the more quickly you’ll finish the job so you can get everyone out of harm’s way.

Build a Safety Culture With Hazmat School

At Hazmat School, we offer online training solutions to help you stay safe on the road. Give us a call at 877-674-2669 or contact us online to learn more and get started.

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