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Hazmat security awareness training is essential. As an organization dealing with hazmat, you are responsible for ensuring employees know how to work with dangerous materials properly and what to do in case of emergency spills, accidents or security breaches. Keeping employees, the public and your equipment safe requires training.

Why Is Hazmat Security Training Important?

The Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulate organizations that transport, handle and store hazardous materials. By complying with regulatory bodies, you can mitigate risks and accidents. In addition, proper control improves the security of these materials. Hazardous materials are dangerous in the wrong hands. Hazmat security training is essential to prevent malicious acts, sabotage and theft.

Security training equips your employees to understand hazmat threats, how to stop them and how to respond when incidents occur. By exploring real-life scenarios, your employees will have the experience to act swiftly, minimizing the impact of security issues.

Frequently Asked Questions Answered

Hazmat security training is invaluable, and you can make the best decisions about your courses with the right information.

1. Is Hazmat Security Training Mandatory?

If you handle, store or transport hazardous materials, DOT requires your employees to complete general hazmat awareness training — which must include security training — every three years.

2. Can You Do Hazmat Security Awareness Training Online?

Yes, you can do hazmat awareness training online with Hazmat School. Complete courses from anywhere and in several sessions — there’s no need to be out of action for consecutive hours in a given period.

3. What Hazmat Training Is Available?

Hazmat School offers training courses for various applications and industries:

  •  49 CFR Basic DOT HM-181 Hazmat Training Course: This hazmat training course is in an easy-to-understand format and has interactive activities to enhance recall. Hazmat School offers industry-specific training so that content is relevant. The course handles security awareness. It addresses risks associated with hazardous materials and covers how employees should recognize and respond to threats. The training is self-paced, and employees have 30 days to complete and take the certification exam.
  • 49 CFR DOT Hazmat Employee With Packaging Course: The Hazardous Materials Regulations (HMR) require all employees working with hazardous materials to receive training every three years. This training must cover the security of dangerous materials and general hazmat awareness. In addition, it should deal with safety processes specific to employee function. Our hazmat employee training course equips workers to package hazardous materials effectively to meet DOT Hazmat Shipping regulations.

Explore more online Hazmat courses.

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