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Ford is recalling about three million vehicles in the U.S. and Canada over airbag issues. The recall is over a defect in airbags made by the bankrupt Japanese manufacturer, Takata, whose airbags have been linked to over 18 deaths in the U.S. Another version of this same airbag had an inflator defect that caused a number of the bags to explode, spraying shrapnel through the vehicle. Even though Ford believes the version of airbags they used are safe, but will respect the NHTSA’s decision and issue a recall. Owners of these vehicles will be notified of the recall and can take it to any Ford dealership to have it fixed, free of charge.

Air Bags that are removed and packaged for shipment are regulated by DOT Hazmat safety standards. Which means shipping them in any old package is illegal. With all the national security risks in the last few years, properly shipping and receiving explosive hazmat materials is so important. Car mechanics and auto shops that will be handling and shipping these airbags should know the risks and how to handle this sensitive hazmat product. In order to ship these recalled airbags, you have to be Hazmat certified. If you ar eworking for a company that ships Hazmat regularly, then you might already be trained to do so. Any employee who handles, packages, transports or even fills out the shipping paperwork will need to be DOT Hazmat trained.

To help you meet compliance and DOT Hazmat training regulations, Hazmat School offers an online DOT Auto training course specifically designed for automobile suppliers and dealers. This course is based on our standard DOT course but has been customized to cover a range of industries and operations which handle vehicle-related items, equipment and parts such as airbag initiators, automobile batteries, paints and solvents, considered hazardous and are controlled by the DOT. After completing this 4-hour course, each trainee will receive their DOT Hazmat certificate documenting compliance with the DOT Hazmat training requirement immediately. Get DOT trained and start shipping airbags and other DOT Hazmat products today!

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