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Why Is DOT Hazmat Packing Training Required?

The DOT regulations as found in 49 CFR 171-173 list an extensive number of requirements on the shipping and packaging of hazardous wastes that can be somewhat confusing. However, failure to comply could lead to some hefty fines, not to mention the endangerment of people’s lives.

The United States Department of Transportation (DOT) has established a series of regulations governing training programs for what are termed Hazmat Employees. The DOT training program is sometimes referred to as HM-181 or HM-126 training. You need hazmat shipping certification if you:

  • Offer transport for a hazardous material.
  • Mark or label packages that are being transported.
  • Package hazardous material for shipment.
  • Select the various types of packaging that are needed for the materials that you ship.

If you perform any of these duties, then you need this course to guide you successfully through the seemingly never-ending list of regulations that control what you can and cannot do in regards to packaging and shipping hazardous materials.

How Often Is DOT Training Required?

You must receive appropriate training if you unload, load, work with paperwork, drive transportation vehicles or prepare packages or markings for hazardous materials. You must complete your initial training before performing your routine duties, and DOT hazmat training requirements detail that you must undergo refresher training every three years.

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