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There are nine classes of hazardous cargo, according to the Department of Transportation (DOT), and training is mandatory to handle any of them. Whether your employees are directly handling hazardous materials or preparing hazmat for transport, it’s essential that both managers and employees receive hazardous materials training to comply with US DOT Hazardous Materials Regulations (HMR).

What should hazmat training cover when employees need to transport or package hazardous materials? Here are five essential elements included in Department of Transportation hazmat training that will help your employees and managers keep your workplace safe, compliant and efficient.


Hazardous materials are dangerous, and exposure to them puts your team at risk. Safety training elements are necessary for several reasons:

  • Showing employees how to safely handle packages with hazardous materials to protect themselves, the workplace and the materials
  • Teaching participants proper safety procedures that enable them to avoid accidents and manage any incidents that occur without further risk
  • Ensuring team members can identify and understand which hazardous materials could be exposed to and know how to implement effective emergency response techniques.


The more familiar your employees are with hazardous materials, the less likely accidents are to happen. Training that encompasses familiarization or general awareness enables employees to recognize hazardous materials and promotes a general awareness of HMR requirements.

Familiarization training elements are designed to increase your workforce’s knowledge and confidence. As their confidence grows and they can more accurately identify and work with hazardous materials, they will be able to:

  • Promote workplace safety
  • Improve efficiency
  • Ensure compliance


DOT hazmat training requirements include specific training sections for transportation security. Security awareness training provides your employees with a greater understanding of the security risks attributed to hazardous wastes, enabling them to prevent and resolve incidents during transport.

During this part of the training, your employees will learn how to increase security awareness so they can:

  • Enhance security during hazmat transport
  • Identify risks
  • Respond to threats


The above training elements are necessary for all employees, but DOT hazmat training requires additional training modules for employees to help them thoroughly understand their specific duties and responsibilities. Function-specific training is needed to teach employees how to safely and securely perform the functions of their specific tasks. Function-specific training gives employees a greater understanding of HMR requirements and how they relate to their particular job functions.

When employees complete function-specific training, they can benefit the entire organization by:

  • Increasing workplace safety
  • Enhancing team productivity
  • Reducing hazmat-related incidents
  • Lowering operating costs


In-depth security training is a hazardous materials training requirement that builds off of security awareness training elements. These lessons provide your employees with a generalized overview of the necessary security measures that go into handling hazardous materials, while in-depth security training gives a greater detailed understanding of your facility’s specific security objectives, procedures and responsibilities. This element of training is unique to your facility so your workforce can learn proper security protocols for your needs.

This focus also ensures your employees know what actions they need to take in the event of a security breach. It helps them gain a deep understanding of your company’s security plan so they can act quickly and efficiently during a breach.

In-depth security training modules are required for hazmat employees who:

  • Routinely come into contact with hazardous materials
  • Provide hazmat transport
  • Are responsible for implementing your organization’s security plan

Learn More About Hazmat Training

It’s necessary for your employees and managers to meet the requirements for handling hazardous materials, not only for legal purposes but also for their personal safety. Hazmat School offers the hazmat training you need to ensure your workforce is prepared to handle hazardous materials and respond quickly to incidents for the safety and efficiency of your employees and facility.

To learn more about the required training for shipping hazardous materials, contact us online today.

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